Roll or Spray? Best Method for Interior Painting Jobs

To Spray or to Roll?

Whether to spray or roll paint is a contentious topic in the painting industry. There are pros and cons to both that should be weighed before making your decision as to how to paint the interior of your home. Using a sprayer will save you time when working on large surfaces, while using a roller applies a more even coat of paint. 

To Spray

Due to speed advantage of using a sprayer, it is the favored application method of many painting companies. You can quickly cover large surfaces and paint in tight spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible with a brush or roller. On the other hand, spraying requires more paint than rolling and is harder to contain—it gets everywhere and is best used only in empty houses. You also run more risk of applying an uneven coat of paint than you do with a roller.

To Roll

This slower, less popular application method has the advantage of giving the painter more control over the evenness of the coat while also using less paint than a sprayer. It can be laborious to paint large surfaces with a roller, but the paint adheres better than sprayer paint. As a result the quality of the coat tends to be superior and last longer. Using a roller is messy, but it is better suited to indoor use than a sprayer. You also save money on equipment and time on set up. 


So which is better? The answer to that question will depend on what you're painting, your available resources, and your time constraints. Spraying is a great choice if you need a big job done fast or are working on uneven surfaces. Rolling provides better results when applied by an expert and when time is not a major concern. Whichever method you choose, both take the skill and precision of a professional to ensure the highest quality result. 

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